Client Testimonials


I met Mark about ten years ago. I was hurt at work, which is very common in today’s world. The insurance company decided to make it very difficult for me. A major factor in workers compensation is understanding the system of doctors. It is bad out there regarding doctors that favor the insurance companies and have no regard for you as a patient. Mark flat out took care of business and most important, he found quality care for me.

The staff was always helpful. They always called me back when I left a message. If I ever have a problem again, I will use this firm without hesitation. Remember, you must protect yourself. The insurance companies are not looking out for you.  –Sam L.


I had a gut feeling from the initial consultation on that I made the right choice by hiring Mark Vickness to represent me. Not only was it a good choice to hire him, in my opinion it was the best choice. My case was not a simple one and it was not till I hired Mark that I was able to see any resolution with my case. Mark’s absolute command over the workers’ compensation laws, his ability to provide you with the right team of doctors, and his expert negotiation skills resulted in success for me. I highly recommend Mark Vickness to anyone, including my closest of family and friends.


I have been represented by Mr. Vickness for my workman’s compensation injury since 2002. He has been professional and has excellent interpersonal skills. He has won two of my cases and I am very pleased with the outcome of them.

The staff is knowledgeable about cases, extremely courteous, helpful and professional. Any type of correspondence is answered immediately which I truly appreciate. –Elaine H.


Although my work status is of great importance to my family, my health is their main concern. Mark has worked tirelessly on my behalf to ensure my physical and mental well-being while securing my financial fitness. I would not have been able to take on my employer and their insurance company without Mark and his staff.

The best part about being a client at the Law Office of Mark Vickness is the availability of the staff. Someone is always available to listen to my concerns and act accordingly. I have referred friends and family members to the Law Office of Mark Vickness without reservation and will continue to do so. –Regina H.


Everything was done very well—he didn’t abandon me even after six years of wrestling with this case.

The staff attended to me well, in the office and by phone. –Roberto L.


I am profoundly grateful to Mark for his representation of my case. I am grateful for his honesty, intelligence, his knowledge of law, all the time he spent working on my case and also his availability whenever I had questions. I sincerely feel very fortunate to have been represented by Mark.

My accident caused me to lose a lot of things in life, but I can definitely be sure that I would have lost a lot more without Mark’s excellent representation.

I have had an excellent experience with the team that works for Mark.  –Armando A.